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(listed by publisher)

Texas A & M University Press
American Foreign Policy and Yugoslavia, 1939-1941, 1999
Archaeological Conservation Using Polymers, 2002
Black Unionism in the Industrial South, 1999
The CRS Team and the Business of Architecture, 2002
Dreams of Flight: General Aviation in the United States, 2003

The Laguna Madre of Texas and Tamaulipas, 2001
Maria von Blücher's Corpus Christi: Letters from the South Texas Frontier, 1849-1879, 2001
Mexican American Odyssey: Felix Tijerina, Entrepreneur & Civic Leader, 1905-1965, 2000
The Muslim-Croat Civil War in Bosnia: A Military History, 1992-1994, 2003
The National Environmental Policy Act: Judicial Misconstruction, Legislative Indifference, and Executive Neglect, 2001

Religious Separation and Political Intolerance in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2002
Santa Barraza, Artist of the Borderlands, 2000
Soul and Culture, 2002
Trogons, Laughing Falcons, and Other Neotropical Birds, 1998

Unholy Alliance: Greece and Serbia in the Nineties, 2001
Victory on the Potomac: The Goldwater-Nichols Act Unifies the Pentagon, 2001
The White House World: Transitions, Organization, and Office Operations, 2002
The Words of César Chávez, 2001
Wreck of the Belle, the Ruin of La Salle, 2000

University of Washington Press
Afghanistan’s Endless War, 2001
Children of the Yellow Kid (with the Frye Art Museum), 1998
Costume and Identity in Highland Ecuador, 1998
Ceramic Continuum, 50 Years of the Archie Bray Influence, 2001
Family of Strangers: Building a Jewish Community in Washington State, 2003
Native Arts of the Columbia Plateau: the Doris Swayze Bounds Collection (with The High Desert Museum), 1998
Objects as Envoys: Cloth, Imagery, and Diplomacy in Madagascar, 2001
1001 Curious Things: Ye Olde Curiosity Shop and Native American Art, 2000
Popular Culture and the Shaping of Holocaust Memory in America, 2001
Where Land and Water Meet: A Western Landscape Transformed, 2002

Oregon State University Press
Forest and Stream Management in the Oregon Coast Range, 2002
Nature’s Justice: Writings of William O. Douglas, 2000

Woodrow Wilson Center Press
Environmental Peacemaking, 2002

Agricultural and Natural Resources, University of California
Agritourism and Nature Tourism in California, 2005
Aquatic and Riparian Weeds of the West, 2003
Integrated Pest Management for Almonds, 2001
Integrated Pest Management for Potatoes, 2006
Integrated Pest Management for Walnuts, 2003
Handbook for Raising Small Numbers of Sheep, 2002
Landscape Maintenance Pest Control, 2006
Olive Production Manual, 2004
Residential, Industrial, and Institutional Pest Control, 2006
Retail Garden Center Manual, 2006
Weeds of California and Other Western States, 2007
Wildlife Pest Control around Gardens and Homes, 2005

Nature Conservancy/Bureau of Land Management
Measuring and Monitoring Plant Populations, 1998

Andover Publishing Services/Blackwell
Measuring and Monitoring Plant and Animal Populations, 2000

Georgetown University Press
Beyond Machiavelli: Policy Analysis Comes of Age, 2000
Cases in Public Policy Analysis, 2000
Caught Between the Dog and the Fireplug -or- How to Survive Public Service, 2001
Dam Politics: Restoring America's Rivers, 2003
Limits of Policy Change: Incrementalism, Worldview, and the Rule of Law, 2000
People Skills for Policy Analysts, 2003
Prenatal Testing and Disability Rights, 2000
Shaping the Moral Life: A New Approach to Moral Theology, 2000
U.S. Supreme Court and the Electoral Process, 2000
Welfare Policymaking in the States: The Devil in Devolution, 2001
Who Counts As Persons? Human Identity and the Ethics of Killing, 2000
Women in Combat: Civic Duty or Military Liability?, 2001

Brookings Institution Press
African American Predicament, 1999
African Reckoning: A Quest for Good Governance, 1998
Aging Societies: The Global Dimension, 1998
Alternate Route: Toward Efficient Urban Transportation, 1998
Barriers or Benefits: Regulation in Transatlantic Trade, 1997
Behavioral Dimensions of Retirement Economics, 1999
A Changing Turkey: The Challenge to Europe and the United States, 1999
Charter School Challenge, 1999
Communications Cornucopia: Markle Foundation Essays on Information Policy, 1998
Crowded Airwaves: Campaign Advertising in Modern Elections, 2000
Deregulation of Network Industries: What’s Next, 2000
Earning and Learning: How Schools Matter, 1999
Edgeless Cities: Exploring the Elusive Metropolis, 2003
Evidence Matters: Randomized Trials in Educational Research, 2001
Framing the Social Security Debate: Values, Politics, and Economics, 1998
Growing Pains: Russian Democracy and the Election of 1993, 1998
Labyrinth of Capital Gains Tax Policy, 1999
Laws of the Landscape: How Policies Shape Cities in Europe & America, 1999
May the Best Team Win: Baseball Economics and Public Policy, 2003
Measuring the Prices of Medical Treatments, 1999
New Urban Leaders, 2001
New World of Welfare Reform, 2001
None of Your Business: World Data Flows, Electronic Commerce, and the European Privacy Directive, 1998
Passages to the Presidency: From Campaigning to Governing, 1998
Preventive Defense: A New Security Strategy for America, 1998
Promise and Peril of Environmental Justice, 1998
Rebirth of Europe, 2nd Edition, 2002
The Regulatory Craft: Controlling Risks, Solving Problems, and Managing Compliance, 2000
School Choice & School Controversy: Politics, Policy, and Law, 1999
Shades of Gray: Perspectives on Campaign Ethics, 2002
The Social Divide: Political Parties and the Future of Activist Government, 1998
Sports, Jobs & Taxes: The Economic Impact of Sports Teams and Stadiums, 1997
Toward a True Alliance: Restructuring U. S.- Japan Security Relations, 1997
Unseen Wealth: Report of the Brookings Task Force on Intangibles, 2001
Urban Problems and Community Development, 1999
War and Peace in Southern Africa: Crime, Drugs, Armies, and Trade, 1997
When Schools Compete: A Cautionary Tale, 2000
Who Pays for Universal Service: When Telephone Subsidies Become Transparent, 2000
Winning Ugly: NATO’s War to Save Kosovo, 2000

Liberty Fund, Inc.
Christianity and Classical Culture: A Study of Thought and Action from Augustus to Augustine, 2003
Letters of Jacob Burckhardt, 2001
The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy, 2002
Rational Man: A Modern Interpretation of Aristotelian Ethics, 2002

Templeton Foundation Press
The Far-Future Universe: Eschatology from a Cosmic Perspective, 2002
Religion and Reconciliation in South Africa: Voices of Religious Leaders, 2003
The Unity Movement: An Evolution of Practical Christianity, 2002

Ignatius Press
J. R. R. Tolkien: Myth, Morality, and Religion, 2003
Saint Among Savages: The Life of Saint Isaac Jogues, 2002

Aviation Book Company
Lessons from the Logbook, 2000
Instrument Flight Training Manual, 1999

Educational Administration: Theory, research, and practice, 6th ed., 2000
Intimate Relations, 3rd ed., 2001
Sport in Society: Issues and Controversies, 6th ed. 2000

Congressional Quarterly Press
Aging in America, A to Z, 2001
Polling and the Public, 2001

Chatham House Publishers
Election of 2000: Reports and Interpretations, 2001
Politics in Europe: An Introduction...., 2002

Susquehanna University Press
Neville Chamberlain and Appeasement, 1999

Montana Historical Society Press
Hope in Hard Times: New Deal Photographs of Montana, 1936-1942, 2003